The PopCast Episode 4 — PopCap Meets SpryFox!

Here at PopCap, we love games. We love them as least as much as you do. I mean, it’s not a competition or anything. So we don’t have to argue about who likes them more. And anyway, if it did turn into an argument we’d totally win because we like them a lot , and we don’t want you to feel bad. So we’re willing to say, for diplomacy’s sake, that we like them just as much as you. Sheesh.

The point is, when we’re not making games, we’re playing them. Or thinking about them. Or wishing we were playing them. And, of course, to make good games, you need to play lots of them, to see what’s out there, what are other people doing, and what gamers are enjoying. For the past few weeks, at least a few of us at PopCap have been utterly addicted to a puzzle game called Triple Town, made by a small Seattle studio called SpryFox. We love it so much, in fact, that we thought it would be fun to get one of the game’s designers, Daniel Cook, into the studio with us to talk about the game on our podcast.

So here it is, at long last, Episode 4 of The PopCast, in which we actually don’t talk about our own games (but you should all go buy them all anyway, just so we’re clear). PopCap designers Matthew Lee Johnston and Mohan Rajagopalan join host Jeff Green to talk to Daniel Cook not just about how awesome Triple Town is, but also about the challenges of designing games for the iOS and Facebook, the pesky “monetization” problem, and the stressful phenomenon of seeing puzzle pieces in your sleep. All this and oh so much more.

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See you for another episode in two weeks!


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