3 Things on My Desk: The Dana Variations

Greetings internet friends. Welcome to another installment of our incredibly irregular series “3 Things on My Desk” in which we take a look the interesting, amusing and sometimes-useful things that people surround themselves with at work. Today we pay a visit to Customer Support Superhero and regular Blog Ride contributor, Dana, to take a look at a few of the things she would go back for if we all had to evacuate the building.

Take it away, Dana!


1. Penny

At PAX Prime 2010, I was working the Plants vs. Zombies room. There were tons of cosplayers coming through, and most of them looked cool but were completely unfamiliar characters to me. Sure, there was the occasional Mario or Ghostbuster, but mostly a lot of hardcore console games people with really intricately designed head wounds and stuff.  I snapped a lot of photos, but in that touristy way. But then a cosplayer arrived and I lit up like Christmas. He was a perfect Dr. Horrible!  Dressed in the full red getup from the final scene and looked enough like NPH to really sell it. I ran over to commend his choice and how well he had put it together, and we wound up chatting for a while. Someone picked up my camera and took a candid shot of the two of us, and with my red hair, it really does look like we’re playing out a scene as Penny and Billy. When he left, he gave me this penny with a heart carved into it. Now that’s commitment to your costume! It’s one of my favorite convention souvenirs of all time.

2. Hunger Games cross-stitch

I wrote a while back about the Customer Support Wolfpack and our love of sci-fi. While most of the team has read the Wheel of Time, and all of us have read Harry Potter, there are a few other little shared obsessions making the rounds. When Tara suddenly found herself with time to read for pleasure again after graduation, she asked if I had any recommendations. Without hesitation, I told her that The Hunger Games was one of the most rewarding reading experiences of my entire life. She was through the whole series about a week later, and being the crafty girl she is, she made me this wonderful birthday gift, a cross-stitch of the Mockingjay pin!

3. Lantern rings, etc.

If you were to stand back and take a full photo of my desk, you’d be overwhelmed with the amount of comic book paraphernalia, but just in this one little shot, you get a nice sample! A couple of years ago, during the Green Lantern event Blackest Night, DC Comics gave away Lantern rings for all the different Corps (I am a Star Sapphire—I have the tattoo to prove it!).

Behind my full collection of rings, you can see the glowing chunk of kryptonite I brought home from a Comic Con screening of the Smallville retrospective, the special edition Wayne Casinos poker chip (yes, as in Batman), a Captain America Heroclix (is there an appropriate singular form of Heroclix?), and a Cylon I got at an all-star screening of Battlestar Galactica: Razor.

Other assorted items on view are gifts from my teammates, because I started a tradition of bringing back little trinkets for everyone whenever I go on vacation, and it’s caught on! We now clutter each other’s workspaces more every time we travel.


Thanks, Dana! Your desk is truly a wonderland.

And thank you, dear reader for putting up with my impossibly blurry photographs.

What about you? What sort of things are on your desk? Is your workspace a thoughtfully curated collection of meaningful items, or is it cluttered with everything you’ve printed out since the Clinton administration? (I aspire to the former and tend toward the latter.) Or are you one of those people who has nothing on their desk and the only way anybody knows you’re there is if you’re actually sitting in your seat? I do not understand those people. Let us know. These questions are keeping me up nights.

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