Bejeweled is Starbucks’ Pick of the Week!

While many in the so-called “media” are droning on and on about such boring ephemera as the Super Bowl and Academy Awards, we here at PopCap are celebrating a far more important event: This week, Bejeweled for iOS is Starbucks’ “Pick of the Week.” Boom! Let’s see Tom Brady* top that!

Yes, all you have to do is go into any participating Starbucks, and you can pick up one of the sweet cards pictured below (and thanks to PopCap’s Ed M. for snapping such an arty photo!) which includes a code for a free download of our newest version of Bejeweled.

If you haven’t played this version yet, you really should if for no other reason than to start playing Diamond Mine mode, which is just scarily addictive. And then you can write us with some tips for that mode, because it’s hard and we’re not very good at it and could use your help.

So, anyway, go get yourself a free Bejeweled card at Starbucks! This week only! Hurry! Buy yourself like a quadruple-venti-iced-soy-half-decaf-double-whip mochaccino while you’re there, too!

*Note, I don’t actually know who Tom Brady is because I don’t watch football. I will be watching the Puppy Bowl on Sunday. Yay Puppy Bowl!

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