Zuma Blitz Introduces the Spirit Weasel!

Today brings a special new treat for our devoted Zuma Blitz players! You’ve met the Spirit Beetle, who generously offers you time and gets the red out of your eyes at the end of the game, and the Spirit Cat, whose fiery personality blasts your blues away! Now, we proudly introduce the Spirit Weasel!

Weasels sound... weaselly... but look at that cute little face! That is the face of a weasel who wants to play some Zuma Blitz with you!

Spirit Weasel grants you a free tier 1 Cannon powerup or adds an extra cannonball to any existing Cannon power-up. The standard Cannon shoots three balls at a time, so a Spirit Weasel-enhanced Cannon will shoot four! Or, if you are a level 69 player who has earned the Super Cannon, you will have five balls in each cannon shot! It’s can-tastic! Cannon-ical! Cantankerous! (Okay, I ran out of fake words.  It’s still a pun… if you think about it.)

Already have Cannon selected as one of your powers? Then watch as the Cannon goes ballistic! (I mean... more so.)

Better still, the Cannon power-up balls appear more frequently when you play as the Spirit Weasel. So more cannonballs, more cannon shots, and on top of that, the balls you take out with each cannon blast are scored at a higher rate!

And don’t forget the grand finale when you invoke a Spirit Animal: the Spirit Weasel’s favorite color is yellow, so all remaining yellow balls on the board at the end of the game will be cleaned up for you in the Spirit Blast! If you’ve got more presence of mind than I tend to muster when playing Zuma Blitz, you might be able to leave extra yellows on the board to increase the power of the Spirit Blast. It’s well worth it if you can!

So head over to play some Zuma Blitz, and we’ll have a special gift for you! Between now and 12 p.m. PST January 27th, we’re giving away a free Spirit Weasel! That’s right, folks, the first one’s free.

Also free? This weaselicious desktop image!

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