G’day, New Hidden-Object Game!

Dear non-residents of Australia: Want to take an Australian vacation, without even leaving your desk?

Dear Australians and/or people currently living in Australia: do you want to see everything outside of your house without even opening the front door?

Check out Vacation Quest – Australia: our newest hidden-object game.

With the release of Vacation Quest – Australia, there’s one question on everyone’s mind (by “everyone’s” I mean “my”). Can you use “g’day” as a noun? As in, “Have a g’day!” We all know you can use it as a greeting: “G’day, mate!” But I also want to say “have a g’day” or even “this marshmallow cereal is a great part of a balanced g’day.”

Can anyone help me out here?

Anyway. We really like our Vacation Quest games because they offer a simple yet unique opportunity to take a vacation and skip the airport security. In Vacation Quest – Australia, you’ll search for hidden objects as you explore famous settings Down Under, journey through the outback, and relax every step of the way. Plus, you’ll unlock bonus game modes and solve a host of mini-game puzzles.

So if you could use a fun escape — a mental vacation to tune out the noise of life — you should try this game.

We hope you like it. Have a g’day!

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