Say Hello to Snombie!

So, as some of you may know, we here in the Pacific Northwest are having our very own Snowmaggedon. Or Snowpocalypse, if you prefer. These names started out as something of a joke amongst the locals, because we knew, deep down, despite all the angst, that it really wasn’t going to be that bad, but the joke on us was that it actually ended up being that bad. As a result, the office here has been closed almost all week because it’s been so snowy and icy.

While some PopCappers were hunkered down inside, playing Bejeweled or Peggle or The Old Republic (for research purposes only, of course), one intrepid PopCapper, Scott D., ventured outdoors to exercise both his creativity and company loyalty by creating the snowman above, who you can call Snombie!

We asked Scott for the story behind this glorious achievement, and here is what he had to say:
“This is the snowman I built during lunch on Wednesday. I even had spectators come out of the woodwork that said they could see me from their apartment windows. A nice family brought me a carrot for a nose, but I told them that zombies don’t have carrot noses. I did explain how zombies will eat plants to get to your brains, and I thought it would be more appropriate to make him eating the carrot.”

Let this story be an inspiration to you all, kids. When the weather (or anything else in life) beats you down, don’t give up. Go outside and make a snombie. Not only will society be the better for it, but you might even get your very own entry on this here Blog Ride. Just think how proud your parents will be!

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