Happy New Year!

Yeah, sure, we know it’s already January 13 and thus rather late to being saying Happy New Year. But here at PopCap, we tend not to rush into things, as those of you waiting for sequels to some of our games already know. What can we say? We’re a hakuna matata kind of company.

Or at least we were. Because knowing what we know, we can tell you that 2012 is going to be a crazy year at PopCap. There is a LOT on our agenda this year, including both the return of old favorites as well as some brand new stuff from us. Of course, we can’t reveal any of it yet, which basically makes this both a big tease and relatively useless, but we do want you to know we’re not just sitting around over here swapping gems all day. You’re going to be playing new PopCap games in 2012, and you are going to love them. (Er, that’s not an order, that’s just a humble prediction.)

On the social end of things, we also have a lot planned for you. Your intrepid bloggers — Dana, Eve, Julie, Xuyen, Curtis, Philip and Jeff — will continue to update this site every day as we have since August, and we’ll be including more and more “guest bloggers” from around PopCap here in our Seattle office as well as over in Dublin and Shanghai.

This past November, we finally launched the PopCast, the official PopCap podcast, and we’ll continue to post episodes roughly twice a month, starting with a new episode next week. So far, we’ve broadcast these shows as essentially a casual open conversation amongst PopCap employees, but we’ll be experimenting with the format and content in months to come, and encourage you to send us your feedback and requests for what you’d like to hear. (Leave comments below, or email us at blog@popcap.com.)

Over on our Facebook page, we just wrapped up a fun contest in which four lucky folks won iPad 2s (and, hey, none of us have one yet, so we’re jealous), and we are planning a lot more cool stuff over there in the coming year. So if you haven’t become a fan there yet, do so! We promise we won’t flood your news feed with boring or lame crud. At least most of the time.

Finally, for even more exciting up-to-the-minute news and nonsense, be sure to follow our Twitter feed, where we’ll keep you apprised of day-to-day developments as well as answer your questions, as long as you’re nice to us and don’t bother us too much about the Android. (Just kidding. We love the Android and we love Android users. Really. So go ahead and ask us every single day when more Android games are coming out, because that never gets old to us.)

2011 was a crazy year for PopCap, not least of which because of something with the initials “E” and “A.” But that’s all behind-the-scenes business stuff. The great thing about 2012 is that it’s going to be largely about the games — you know, the stuff that matters. We can’t wait to share it with you, and look forward to talking with you about it here on this blog and elsewhere on ye olde Interwebz. Stay tuned, everyone, and hope you stick around for the ride!

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