Share Your Diamond Mine Tips!

If you’ve been playing Diamond Mine mode in Bejeweled for iOS the past few weeks — congratulations. You’ve already discovered one of my all-time favorite games. Honestly, I’m obsessed with it. If my iPhone is in my hand, chances are I’m playin’ Diamond Mine. Except at work, of course (unless I have to do some “research” for a blog, let’s say).

Diamond Mine mode for iOS is getting glowing reviews and we want to hear from you too. So write in and tell us your favorite gem-blasting, dirt-digging strategies. Do you focus on speed or do you wait for all the gems to stop falling? What’s your power gem strategy? How do you deal with tricky corner gems? Do you ever use the Hint button? What do you do when you can’t match any gems at the bottom of the board?

Share your tips and maybe we can all boost our scores and dig deeper in the game. I’m not promising that will end my obsession but perhaps I’ll get a little more sleep (hah!).

And if you still haven’t played Diamond Mine, go to iTunes now and download Bejeweled. At 99₵ it costs less than a bag of bubble gum and is packed with more explosive fun without all the cavities. Then come back here and check out everyone’s tips.

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