Holiday Gift Guide: Thrill Seeker

Hello procrastinating gift-givers! Don’t worry, I’m right there with you. Thankfully, there’s still time, and this last-minute shopping experience is perfectly suited for today’s gift guide: the thrill-seeker!

Zuma’s Revenge! PC/Mac — Iron Frog Mode

If you think regular Zuma is hard — Iron Frog is the ultimate Zuma challenge. First, this mode is only unlocked after completing Adventure Mode so you’ve got to have some skills before you can even get here. Once there, Iron Frog mode only gives you one life and challenges you to beat 10 levels in a row. Yep, 10 levels without dying once. The adrenaline junkie in your life will love it.

Bejeweled 3 for PC/Mac — Diamond Mine Mode

If you’re familiar with Bejeweled Blitz, Diamond Mine is very similar to this — except you’re given the extra challenge of playing with half of the board. The lower part of the board is filled with rocks and you have to match gems next to the rocks in order to clear more space and add extra time. The board will continue to move up as well, so you’ll have to match quickly and strategically to play Diamond Mine!

P.S. You can also play this mode in the Bejeweled app, for your friends with iPhones or iPod touches.

Feeding Frenzy for XBLA

Feeding Frenzy will give your thrill-seeking friend the chance to start as prey and move up to predator! The more fish you eat, the bigger you become. Of course, with any type of success comes enemies. As you grow, bigger and more dangerous fish will be after you, so you’ll have to dart about ever more nimbly to evade their maneuvers, and more importantly, their mouths. Obviously, being a fish is a perilous existence, perfect for your risk-taking friend.

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