Did You Win Yeti? Play the PopCap Prize Plunger!

Today marks the first day of the second week of the greatest instant-win game you’re reading about right now.

That’s right! You should trek over to Facebook and play our awesomely weird Prize Plunger game. You could win an iPad 2!

Are you still reading? Other prizes you could win include a PopCap “Bling” T-shirt, or a free download game. Plus, you get to go ice fishing with the Yeti Zombie. With a toilet plunger! Happy holidays to you!

We’re adding new prizes each Tuesday for the next few weeks, and you can play once a week.

Finally, a serious note: sometimes, the Yeti pulls something up that isn’t a prize. So far, these items have included frozen Zombies and other funny things. If you have an idea of what non-prizes the zombie should fish from the frosty pond, add a comment below.

Go play. And good luck!

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