The Girl with the Popcorn Dragon Tattoo

I have this simple rule about tattoos — I call it the 4-year rule. It’s based on the length of time a person typically spends in high school or college. Think about the person you were at the beginning, and then think about the person you had become by the end. If there is anything you loved at the start that you still love by the end, you can trust that you will love that for the rest of your life. (Note: this rule applies to phenomena which can be observed in their entirety. I don’t care how much the ending of Lost let you down — that first season was and will always be amazing.)

When I started working at PopCap in 2007, I saw something delightful on a monitor over someone’s shoulder. My eyes went wide, and I breathed, “What’s that?” I was told it was a new game in its early developmental stage, super fun, not many levels yet, give it a try!

I did, and I was in love.

Gaze into those's love. Twwu wuv.

The game, of course, was Popcorn Dragon. Since that day nearly 5 years ago, I have spent hours upon hours with the dear little dragon, Ignatius Flambé. I have endlessly pestered the game’s brilliant creator Josh Langley, “When’s it coming out? When can I play the next build?” I have written Popcorn Dragon fan fiction. (No, really.) And now that the game is on the verge of its triumphant release for iOS, I have gone the extra mile to show my love for the dragon.

It was a piece of PopCap legend that our infectiously enthusiastic co-founder John Vechey offered to pay for any PopCap employee to get a PopCap tattoo. I am very proud to be the first to take him up on it!

I never thought I would love video games the way I love other works of art. Before PopCap, I merely enjoyed games. PopCap makes games that I love, that I have devoted as much energy to mastering as I did to analyzing the increasingly nonsensical plotlines of certain television series, and with much greater satisfaction (I kid. I love Lost too; cool the steam starting to jet out of your ears). I love Zuma, Peggle, Insaniquarium, Bookworm Adventures, Bejeweled Blitz Live, and many more.

Popcorn Dragon is my favorite game of all time. I love that little dragon, and I know you will too.  It’s so exciting to me to know that the rest of the world will soon experience the joys of feeding him popcorn and helping him to vanquish his kernel-envying foes.  But there’s this one little piece of him that will always be mine alone: I get to be the girl with the Popcorn Dragon tattoo.

Next step: become an action heroine. A very cheerful and upbeat one, clearly. I guess you could say it will be a popcorn film.

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