Get Cray-Z for a Good Cause

You’ve played the game. (And if you haven’t, go play it right now. We’ll wait.)

You’ve seen the video. (But see it again anyway. It’s that cool.)

Now, own the song!

Download the extended version of the Crazy Dave hit “Wabby Wabbo” from iTunes today!

It’s just 99 cents and when you buy the song between December 15 and December 24, 2011, all proceeds will go to Concern Worldwide.

“Concern Worldwide is an international non-governmental humanitarian organization dedicated to the reduction of suffering and working towards the ultimate elimination of extreme poverty in the world’s poorest countries.”

For our fans in Ireland and the UK (everybody else stop reading and go get the song from iTunes already!), when you buy the single, not only will you be helping a great charity, but you’ll help Crazy Dave storm the charts and nab the #1 spot from the “X Factor” winner come Christmas chart judgment day. (We here in the U.S. office have no idea what that means, but our team in Dublin swears it’ll be awesome.) So get to it. Together we can work miracles.

And thanks!

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