Go Fishing with Yeti Zombie, Win Awesome Prizes

You know all the swag we keep teasing you with (here, here, and here)? Well, now you can finally win some! YES — we are giving away swag, as well as lots of other prizes (including the iPad 2)!

We’re super excited to announce our PopCap Prize Plunger Instant Win Game! Sounds like a mouthful, but it’s simple, really. All you have to do is visit our PopCap Facebook page. Once you’re there, you’ll go ice fishing with Yeti Zombie for a chance to win a prize! Just click on any of the ice-fishing holes, and the Yeti will plunge it to see what comes up.

And… anything could come up! In addition to the iPad 2, we’re giving away exclusive PopCap swag — Conehead Zombie figures, Bling t-shirts, Wall-Nut plushies — and games from PopCap.com. We’re giving away 600+ prizes over the next four weeks!

Starting today, you can play once per week for the next four weeks. The prizes will change every week — so make sure to come back on a weekly basis to play!

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