Video: Plants and Zombies Rock Together in San Francisco!


Logo for the band "Plants Vs Zombies Vs. Coulton," who rocked this year's Umloud! in San Francisco.

You know it’s something important when plants and zombies put aside their differences for an evening, stop with all the brain-eating and pea-shooting, and come together for a cause. And last Thursday night, December 8, was such an important cause: The 3rd annual “Umloud!”: a non-profit charity “concert” for Child’s Play, an organization founded in 2003 by the great folks at Penny Arcade to raise money for children’s hospitals.

Why is “concert” in quotes above? Well, because the 28+ bands on stage at San Francisco’s DNA Lounge weren’t playing music so much as they were playing Harmonix’s Rock Band 3. But, hey, that doesn’t mean it didn’t rock, because, in fact, it did — and when even the plants and zombies are rocking together, well, what more could anyone ask for?

And this — this coming together of two opposing forces for charity — is exactly what happened at approximately 10:30 pm that night, when the band Plants vs Zombies vs Coulton took the stage to perform nerdrock fan fave Jonathan Coulton’s epic song “Re: Your Brains.” Here it is, in all its glory:

Note that PopCap was not actually involved in this (we were busy the same night at a different Child’s Play charity event in Seattle!), but we wanted to share it with you anyway, because that’s how we roll here at PopCap. We share because we care.

And if you want to watch again and sing along this time, click right here!

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