Introducing the PopCast!

Hey everyone! We have exciting news for you today! Or at least we think it’s exciting. We shouldn’t presume on your behalf, and apologize for doing so. Now we feel bad.

In any event, we are happy to announce that we have launched our very own podcast, now available for your listening pleasure. The PopCast, as it is called, is an Internet radio show, scheduled for at least twice a month, give or take, in which we will take you behind-the-scenes at PopCap, and get a closer look at our games and the people who make them. In each episode, host Jeff Green, producer Joey Trimmer, and a rotating cast of PopCap employees gather in a Chuzzle-filled conference room to blab about PopCap, gaming and game culture in general, as well as to share their darkest secrets and occasionally break down and cry.

If you’ve never listened to a podcast, do not panic. It’s easy. You can listen to our first two episodes below just by clicking on the play buttons for each below.

The PopCast: Episode 1: Hello and Welcome
In our debut episode, host Jeff Green forgets to introduce himself, but then he and this week’s guests — Giordano Contestabile, Stephanie Bayer, and Avery Alix — as well as producer Joey Trimmer, talk about the new Bejeweled releases, as well as life in general at PopCap. Oh yeah, and Giordano is the Archmage of Winterhold.

The PopCast Episode 2: Bjorn This Way
In this very special second episode of the PopCast, Jeff and Joey welcome PopCap cofounder Jason Kapalka, Peggle Franchise Director Joe McDonagh, and writer extraordinaire Stephen Notley for a wide-ranging discussion of topics from the eroticism of Peggle to the intellectualism of Twilight to the heretofore-never-revealed game design phenomenon known as “TTP.” Brew yourself some herbal tea, and listen with someone you love.

If you’d rather subscribe and listen in Apple’s iTunes you can click this to do so. Or if you would like to subscribe to the RSS feed (and just ignore this if you don’t know what that means), the RSS address is

However you prefer to do it, please give us a listen, and leave your comments and feedback for us! We’d like to know what you think!

Happy listening!

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