Holiday Gift Guide: The Zen Gardener

For the second installment of our Gift Guide, we picked out some of our favorite games for the Zen Gardeners in your life.

Don’t know any Zen Gardeners? Maybe it’s time you met one. There’s a Zen Gardener hidden inside all of us. Don’t believe me? Well, just play one of these games and you’ll radiate calm!

Bejeweled 3 for PC and Mac

Let your inner wisdom be your guide while you match sparkling gems in Zen mode. There’s no pressure or time limit here. You can create your own relaxing retreat with awesome audio-visual effects to help modulate your breathing and rejuvenate your spirit. You can even choose ambient sounds, positive affirmations, and binaural beats to accompany you on your journey.

Will you walk with me, Grasshopper?

Mahjong Escape: Ancient China for PC

Unlock ancient Chinese wisdom as you match gold tiles in Classic Mahjong solitaire. This is truly a Zen paradise. Soothe your senses with relaxing music, beautiful scenery and hand-painted backgrounds as you travel through time. This is a perfect game for parents and grandparents.

Chuzzle for PC and Mac

Even Zen Gardeners need to release their inner silly. There’s just no better way to soothe frayed nerves and restore balance than playing with these cute, googly-eyed furballs. In Zen mode, you won’t find any puzzle locks or timers to stress out about. You’ll soon float away in Chuzzle bliss as you walk the path to Chuzzlightenment.


Just remember: With the holidays fast-approaching, we all need to cultivate a little inner peace! So have fun and come back next week for more Gift Guides.

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