New Steam Achievements for Bejeweled 3!

Good news, achievement wh… errr, fans!
Tomorrow, we are officially incorporating Steam Achievements into the Steam version of Bejeweled 3! Yay!

Actually, if you’ve played a lot of Bejeweled 3 on Steam, you’ve probably earned a good number of the achievements already, because they are directly tied into the game’s built-in badges. As you may already know, each of Bejeweled 3′s 15 badges has 4 levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum), so there’s an achievement for each level of each badge. That’s 60 right there for you. Then there are five Elite badges, which also give you an achievement for each. So, by my count (okay, I used a calculator) that’s 65 achievements. (60 + 5 = 65.) That’s a lot!

Frankly, though, I’m a little disappointed that there aren’t more. I mean, I like getting achievements, and feel I should be rewarded all the time for everything I do. Got out of bed: achievement unlocked. Drove in traffic without yelling at anyone or flipping anyone the bird: achievement unlocked. Loaded the game successfully: achievement unlocked.

But I guess I will have to live with these for now. And you will too. And, hey, you made it through another blog post! Congrats! Achievement unlocked!

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