Or in Canada, Remembrance Day

Wow, it’s 11/11/11! Feels like we ought to do something to celebrate… but amidst the hoopla surrounding this numerological coincidence, we’d like instead to remind you what else today is: Veteran’s Day.

There are a lot of ways to support our soldiers, past and present. Call or email someone you know who has served their country, and thank them. Let them know you remember and appreciate what they did.

Thousands of PopCap Games on their way to entertain the troops!

Also, we’d like to tell you about an organization, Games for Soldiers, that tries to improve the daily lives of the men and women still in uniform and far from home. PopCap is proud to have contributed to their noble efforts. You can read about our past donation here. And learn more about Games for Soldier right here.

So thank you, veterans. And a special thanks to everybody still in uniform.

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