Get Ready for PopCap’s “Free Code Friday!”

Hello everyone! Have we got a good deal for you! Starting tomorrow, November 11, we here at PopCap are going to make every Friday a good day for five lucky people, who will each get a code for a free PopCap game in our first ever Free Code Friday!

How do you get to be one of these extraordinarily lucky people? It’s easy. Just follow our official Twitter feed, @PopCap, and we’ll tweet how that specific week’s giveaway will work. Sometimes, we’ll ask you a question and your response will count as your entry. Sometimes, we’ll randomly post codes and if you’re the first five people to grab them, you win! To repeat: You need to follow us on Twitter and then claim the code on Twitter. We know that not everyone likes or use Twitter, and there are good reasons why this may be so. But, for the purpose of this weekly giveaway, that’s how we’re doing it, so we are respectfully asking you to deal with it. We’ll also have future contests and giveaways on our Facebook page and right here at the good ol’ Blog Ride, so don’t despair. And just get on Twitter anyway. It’s not like it costs anything, and if Kim Kardashian is on it, you know it must be cool. (Just kidding, we don’t like her either. But putting her name in a blog is great for Google searches!)

Oh yeah, a little more info for you:

  1. Yes, we will do this every single Friday starting now. Could be any time of day, so pay attention! We might skip a week now and then for things like holidays and alien invasions.
  2. The codes will be for a variety of different platforms, and we’ll do our best to mix it up week by week.
  3. Tomorrow’s codes are for the Xbox version of Plants vs. Zombies.
  4. Nope, there’s no catch to any of this, nothing to buy or commit yourself to, other than following our Twitter feed.
  5. We’re doing this because we love you. And also so you follow our Twitter feed. Have we made this clear yet? We’d like you to follow us.
  6. We hope you win!

See you all tomorrow!

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