3 Things on My Desk or Never Ask a Web Developer for Anything

Hello Internet friends, and welcome to another installment of 3 Things on My Desk. For today’s installment, we paid a visit to resident Web developer (“I build Web pages on popcap.com.”), Blue Screen of Death personified, and man of very few words, Scott D.

What keeps Scott going all day? A little cuteness, a little weirdness and a dangerous amount of coffee. Here’s how he tells it:



The “Like a Boss” monkey makes sure that I stay on task and is always willing to lend a hand when I’m falling behind. (Scott also loves puns, which is why we all respect and fear him. –Ed.)

The “Weee Whale”

The WEEEE Whale Shaker dances on my desk when I crank the key, reminding me that baby whales go “WEEEEEEE.” (Please don’t try too hard to figure this one out. Trust us, it will only end in madness. –Ed.)

The Leaning Tower of Coffee

When no more mugs will stack on top of the Coffee Mug Tower, I know I have had my limit of coffee for the day. (Scott’s office-mate disagrees with Scott’s assessment of his coffee “limit.” — Ed.)


Thank you (I think), Scott.

And because you demanded it, we went back to Scott’s cave (seriously, dude, why so dark?) and got the Weeee Whale in action. Please to enjoy.

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