Halloween Costume Round-Up

Halloween may be over, but we are still receiving tons of pictures from fans dressed up in PopCap-themed costumes! Last night, these costumes were finally given the opportunity to shine and we are seriously impressed!

Six-year-old Adrien partied with dignitaries at the US Embassy Halloween Party in Hanoi, Vietnam dressed as the Peashooter!

Peashooter accompanied by the parental Sunflower and Zombie

Adrien's costume ended up winning the "Most Original Costume!"

Trenten chose the opposite route and transformed into the undead on Halloween night.

Possibly the cutest zombie we've ever seen

Inspired by our Zombie Temp Worker videos, six-year-old Griffin and his mom created a PvZ zombie after several days of papier-mâché magic.

The best costume in his elementary school -- obviously

Sarah H.’s boys made a formidable pair as Buckethead Zombie and Balloon Zombie.

Ian and Sean as two of the toughest zombies to defeat in PvZ

Lastly, our own Plants vs. Zombies characters decided to dress up for Halloween!


Again, Happy Halloween everyone!

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