Halloween Party Down at PopCap!

Here at PopCap, Halloween is, well, it’s like Christmas. We’re all a bunch of big kids who love to play dress up, and as you can see from the photos below, we go all out!

The costume contest is as coveted a victory as the PopCap Olympics (sorry for the tease — stay tuned for that story in a few months!), and this year we decided to spice things up by announcing a few weeks beforehand the categories for which the winning costumes would be selected: Most Accurate Costume, Most Original Costume, Scariest Costume, Best Team Costume, and Best PopCap-themed Costume.

It is very sad when you are shut out of the Original Costume category... who could guess there would be two Pee-wees?

In the Most Accurate category, there was little question that the eerily well-done Swedish Chef Muppet would take top honors:

When he opened his mouth to speak, the resemblance grew even more uncanny!

We have never had more entries in the PopCap-themed category than this year!  Check out some of the great work:

Not one, but two Bjorns! Unfortunately, as with the Pee-wee costumes, two can equal none where judging is concerned.

These costumes are the bee's knees in a pig's eye!

But the clear winner is another Peggle Master, the magnificent Claude!

The Most Original winner is the ultimate in-joke:

If you've seen elevator renovations in your office building, you will understand how they can seem to have personalities... in that delightful HAL9000 tradition.

The winner for Scariest could as easily have won for elegant, if that had been a category. But we were glad to be able to give her a prize for Scariest, the way she’s Black Swan-ed herself all up!

Scariest, most glamorous... you make the call.

Finally, for our Best Team, we had some really excellent contenders, to be sure, such as Hall and Oates, Crockett and Tubbs, Pig and Bee, and lots more!  But there could be no greater team than Team Indy:

Until you've heard them bickering about "how we named the dog Indiana," you have not experienced the true joy of Halloween.

For more, including the ingenious Blue Screen of Death, a perfect Pretty in Pink, and my own Devil in a Blue Dress, check out our photo album on Facebook!

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