Rules of Engagement — PvZ Style

We recently spied a pretty amazing Plants vs. Zombies peashooter “ring box” on our Facebook Page and tracked down the story behind it.

Lee B. of Kirkland, WA, came up with a unique way to propose to his girlfriend Elicia L., a huge PvZ fan. Lee made a peashooter box that opened up to reveal an engagement ring!

The newly engaged Elicia gave us the rundown on how PvZ made it into their big day. Here’s how it happened:

Elicia, how did you start playing Plants vs. Zombies?

The first time I heard about PvZ I was at work, doing a haircut.  I have A LOT of clients in the gaming industry; Bungie, Valve & WB Games.  My fiancé, Lee, and I were trying to find games to play together.  I asked all my clients in the industry if they knew of any fun 2-player games for Xbox, and one of them recommended PvZ . I think it was still pretty new at the time. (That client also recommended Peggle, which I love as well, but hadn’t heard of either.)

Why do you think Lee chose to propose to you in such a unique way?

Lee made me the Peashooter ring case because, as he said, ”You are the biggest Plants vs. Zombies fan I know and this is an occasion that I wanted both of us to remember forever.”  He wanted it to be so special to me and he wanted me to know how much he loves me. He does not normally make clay-anythings, but he is a pretty creative and thoughtful.

What was your first reaction when you saw the peashooter box?

I was pretty speechless at that point.  Lee had this huge elaborate thing planned.  The first big date we went on was at Stevens Pass, where he taught me to ski.  So now every year we start and end the season on the Daisy run, just ‘cause it makes us feel like it’s our first date again. So he took me up to the mountain and all the employees at Stevens Pass were in on it.  We got to the top of the Daisy run, and there was a little table with a white tablecloth and a bottle of champagne.  He then set my gift box on the table and I opened it and saw the Peashooter. I could see that it opened, so I opened it, and there was the ring!  Then he asked me to marry him, and you know the answer…

How do you feel about the proposal?

I am pretty sure that I’m marrying the most thoughtful man!  The proposal was PERFECT!  I couldn’t ask for anything more thoughtful or meaningful. It was the best day EVER!

 Congratulations Elicia and Lee!

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