Halloween Costume How-To: Bejeweled

If you’ve been following our blog for the past few weeks, you may have noticed all of our Halloween costume tutorials (if not, you can see them all here). As you can tell, we are seriously excited about Halloween!

This week, we decided to recreate a PopCap classic: Bejeweled. This costume was originally made by one of our writers, Steve Notley. We thought his costume was awesome and decided not to stray too far from his original idea.

Tada! A very happy game of Bejeweled.

Materials you need: at least 3 pieces of different-colored foam board (green, blue, orange, red, yellow, purple or white), a very sharp X-Acto knife (box cutters should work too), yarn or string to tie your gems together, a ruler, a nail file or emery board, and glittery paint.

I chose to make the blue, yellow and red gems as they seemed to be the easiest shapes. Which gems you choose are up to you.

Start by sketching out the shape of your gem on the white side of the foam board. Here’s what my sketch of the blue gem looked like:

I drew a line down the middle of the board so the gem would be as symmetrical as possible.

The next part is slightly difficult — foam board is a little hard to cut. So make sure you have a sharp blade (or better yet, multiple blades) for your X-Acto knife!

Tip: if you hold your knife up to a ruler, it will make cutting the foam board a little easier.

You should end up with something like this:

Pretty blue diamond!

Once you finish your first gem, the next few will go a little more quickly. Just repeat this process for your next two gems — you’ll need at least three gems for your Bejeweled costume to be accurate.

My three (un-matching) gems.

As shown in Steve’s picture above, one of these gems will have to go over your face. Choose whichever color you like best, and use your knife to cut a hole in the middle of the gem.

You’ll have to eyeball the size a little bit (or ask somebody to measure your face for you). I started by cutting out a smaller circle, measuring it against my face and adjusting the circle until I was able to fit my face in it.

Yep, that's big enough.

Then I used an emery board to clean up some of the messy edges.

This part is optional.

Now the fun part! I decided to add more dimension (and fun) to my costume by painting the gems with glittery paint.

Keep painting until you have glittery gems!

Lastly, cut out little holes to loop your yarn through so that you can connect the three gems. Your Halloween costume is done!

This would be a fun costume to do with a bunch of friends as well -- for a full game of Bejeweled!


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