Halloween Costume How-To: Balloon Zombie

Greetings fellow amateur cosplayers! Thanks for joining us for another installment of the Halloween series preparing you to dress up in PopCap finery.

I am the first to admit that my method of creating costumes is built on a solid foundation of choosing easy characters. I’m no seamstress, but I can do a lot with “found objects” and a bit of fabric paint. And hey, if you are a top-notch costumer already, you’re probably not looking to this blog for instructions. So I’m here to present the “simple enough not to intimidate anyone” costume of the week: Balloon Zombie!

This is my idea of a perfect character to cosplay—he’s recognizable and distinctive, and yet I don't think, “Oh man, how am I supposed to recreate that?”

One of the best parts about Balloon Zombie is that he’s not really wearing anything special. I mean, if you are really active in sports, you might be planning to go as Football Zombie, but if you don’t already have football gear in the closet, that’s a fair expense for a Halloween costume. Balloon Zombie, though? He’s a regular joe, floating along in jeans and a white shirt. If you don’t already have either of these things… well, they’re not that expensive. You can get a pair of jeans at your local thrift store. And the white t-shirt I am wearing for this costume was under $5 at the crafts store! Hard to beat.

Beyond the basic outfit, though, there are two much more distinguishing components to the Balloon Zombie ensemble:

The whirly beanie and, of course, the balloon!

We were all set to buy a plain hat, paint it various colors, attach a whirligig to the top… imagine my delight when I saw that the local party supply store sells them as-is! (For what purpose, I cannot guess, but lucky me!)

As for the balloon, well, that’s the party supply store too, of course. Find any store capable of blowing up a helium balloon, and ask for a red one. That part’s easy. Then fret and knit your brow as you gingerly draw the face on with a black magic marker. That part’s a little harder, especially if you’re notoriously clumsy… not that I, um, know anyone who fits that description.

I made it through without explodinating the balloon!

Tie the balloon string through the belt loop at the back of your jeans so that it bobs just above your head. All you need is some zombie makeup, and you’re ready to go!

Miner zombie not included.

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