Halloween Costume How-To: Zombie Bobsled Team

Welcome to October! October is my favorite month of the year – the air is crisp and the change in weather is refreshing – and of course it has one of the best holidays ever, Halloween!

Around this time of the year, we receive a ton of requests from our fans about where they can find PopCap costumes. Although, we don’t sell any costumes officially, there are plenty of DIY options!

This month our blog will post Halloween costume tutorials to show you how you can make your own PopCap costume. There will be a new tutorial every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the month, so there is plenty of time to submit your requests (in the comments)!

First up – the Plants vs. Zombies Bobsled Team

Materials you need: at least 2 cardboard boxes (depending on the number of zombies on your team), red spray paint, red acrylic paint, red tights, red gloves, goggles (the ones below are scuba goggles), leotards or you can just wear a red top.

Not pictured, but items I discovered I needed: hot glue gun, white construction (or heavy) paper & suspenders

To make the bobsled:
Start by spray-painting your boxes red at least 24 hours in advance.

one coat of banner red spray paint

Cut out the shape for the bottom of the bobsled using heavy construction paper. Glue using a hot glue gun.

I only put this on one side of the box -- you can cut out two for each side of the box

Download and cut out the zombie brain image for the front of the bobsled. You can use tape or hot glue to secure this to the front of your bobsled.

Of course, you need brainz

Lastly, use a metallic silver paint pen to write Brains or Bust on the side of your bobsled.

Perfecting my zombie handwriting

You also have the option of cutting the top corners of your box so that it makes a curved shape. Again, optional.

To make the Zombie Bobsled Team costume:
We didn’t have ski goggles lying around, so we bought cheap scuba goggles instead and glammed them up with red glitter paint.

Glittery red goggles :)

The rest of the costume can be made with items found around your house: red tights, matching red shirts, red gloves and red shoes (not pictured). Use red suspenders to hang the zombie bobsleds over your shoulders. Easy!

Try to pick a teammate that you'd like to stay with throughout the night :)

Will you be making a PopCap-themed costume this Halloween? We’d love to see it! You can share your costume with us by emailing blog@popcap.com.

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