Character Profile: Lex the Bookworm

For the past 27 days, every time I’ve looked at my desk calendar, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this lovely man staring back at me, Mr. September: Lex the Bookworm. Following the trend of having attractive individuals grace the pages of our favorite months, our PopCap calendar features our most aesthetically-pleasing characters (meaning all of them).

Meet Mr. September

Lex, the protagonist in Bookworm, Bookworm Adventures and Bookworm Adventures Volume 2, is probably our most clever and witty PopCap character. True to his species (the bookworm), Lex is a man of letters, a bibliophile, a worm with an erudite brain.

As the Guardian of the Great Library, Lex has battled mythical and literary foes to rescue Cassandra and preserve the Great Library. Unlike some of his PopCap friends –*ah-em* zombies – who hoard the limelight, Lex prefers to remain in his Great Library quietly indulging in light reading.

Fun facts about Lex: he knows the entire Oxford English Dictionary, enjoys cinnamon-flavored letter tiles for breakfast and is anatomically larger than the zombies – well at least the zombie figures.

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