PopCap Gallery: Lorie Ransom

Okay, I’ll admit it. Every time I hear the siren call of free food I make a beeline to our 5th floor, the destination of choice for salad aficionados, herbivores and terminal dieters (I’ll let you decide which category I fall into). Along the way I enjoy walking past PopCap’s rotating art show created by various folks here. I know I’m always in for a surprise (or two) when I check out these exhibits – not only because of the awesome art displayed here but also by the identity of the artist behind the work.

One recent day, after loading up on salad fixings, I was mesmerized by this painting.

The Hunt

I was stunned to learn the painter behind this gem works right here in Creative Lab — my very own group! So I sat down the other day with Lorie Ransom, artist and Web Designer extraordinaire, and we chatted about her work.

Eve: So let’s just start with the basics. What do you do at PopCap?

Lorie: I’m a web designer in Creative Lab. I started as a contractor last September and then became a full-time employee in January. I design pages for game promotions, new downloads, other platforms and interactive type projects.


What was your inspiration for these paintings?

I’ve always enjoyed pop surrealist art so that’s probably my biggest inspiration. I’ll start with a sketch and I won’t really know what it’s going to turn into. I’ll just start by drawing a single line, then I’ll think about what else is going on in the painting, and I’ll add that, and it just goes from there. I also have lots of sketches in my sketchbook that have never gone anywhere.

The Axe

Is there any aspect of your work at PopCap that informs your art?

Well, I have access to a lot of our game art and seeing the work of the game artists at PopCap is incredibly inspiring. I mean, when you look at the art in our games, and the technique involved in that art, I definitely feel inspired by it.

The Nursery

Do you have any favorite pieces?

Probably my favorites are “Sap” and “The Nursery”. I like Sap because technically I really like the way it shows the wing on the bug, and the drop of blood looks very three dimensional. “The Nursery” I like just because it’s weird. I started out just drawing these heads, and then thinking about what was around them, and then it just happened. It just grew organically.

Godzilla Lose Ice Cream

What do you hope to convey through your art?

I don’t know that I’m trying to convey anything. Mostly I’m trying to capture a moment in time. Like in Godzilla, you see Godzilla, and then the ice cream on the ground, and you just wonder what’s going on, there’s a story there. I guess that’s really it – I’m interested in the story. For example, when I think about a still life it’s not that interesting to me. I like to capture a certain moment within a story.

I can see that. I mean, you can feel it’s a more dynamic, interactive experience as a viewer looking at one of your paintings. You imagine the story behind the painting – what happened before this moment, and what’s going to happen next. It’s very cool.  So do you have any current projects you want to talk about?

No, not really. (Laughter)

Where do you exhibit or sell your work?

Random places…. wherever I happen to make a connection with someone! I know I’ll be showing more of my paintings at Walnut Street Coffee in Edmonds next February.

Thanks Lorie for taking the time to sit down and chat. It was fun!

My pleasure. Thanks!




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