A Pillar of our Community

The first-ever Seattle Design Festival is under way, sponsored by AIGA Seattle, and PopCap was invited to be a part of it. What’s the Seattle Design Festival all about, you ask? We’ll let AIGA explain:

“As part of this fall’s inaugural Seattle Design Festival, AIGA Seattle invited 25 of our city’s design firms to participate in Design Marks—a trail of 8-foot tall location markers where viewers can experience how the design of Seattle’s urban landmarks has influenced the city’s culture, and how that culture has, in turn, influenced design.”


We don’t want to get all “it’s an honor just to be nominated” on you, but it really was an honor for our humble in-house design team to be included among many of Seattle’s top design firms.

And they nailed it.

Our marker sits just down the hill from our office, outside the Belltown P-Patch.

We landed there because, according to Web Art Director Jesse Doquilo, “It’s a community garden where neighbors come together to create a beautiful place. And it was a rare opportunity for us as a design team – the content team, video team, print team and web team — to come together and work on one project.”

Here’s the marker, in all its glory (and from both sides). It was a great collaboration between our Seattle and Dublin offices.

Here’s a view from the south side.

Now the north side, with several of the designer types who had a hand in the process.

And here’s the accompanying video about the Belltown P-Patch, which really is a nice getaway in the middle of the city.

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