Wonder Woman – The Sequel

Oh, dear readers, you make our hearts sing!

After reading about PopCap’s Wonder Woman-obsessed Ellen Marrett last month, one blog reader was inspired to take matters into his own hands. He decided to create a motion-sensitive box that plays the Wonder Woman theme song when Ellen starts her day.

“When I wrote up the documentation, I called it the Wonder Woman Theme Player, but I just call it my second box,” explained Michael Black, a Web Developer with PopCap’s Content Services team.

Apparently Michael has a penchant for creating one-of-a-kind boxes in his spare time. “My first box was a useless machine that had the sole purpose of turning itself off.”

Michael spent two weeks (after work, of course!) building his second box. First he researched how to use an Arduino to detect motion and play music. Then he ordered all the parts, soldered them together and spent a day or two writing code. When all the internal components were in place, he was ready to assemble his creation.

“I went to Metrix Create:Space and with the help of their staff used their laser cutter to make the box and etch a logo into the side.”

Wonder Woman Theme Box with etched logo

Then Michael enlisted the help of James Bernert, PopCap’s Facilities Coordinator, to sneak into Ellen’s office and set up the sting.

“I went into her office early in the morning and set up the box on her desk. I spent about 30 minutes walking back and forth in front of her glass door, testing the motion sensor’s sensitivity to make sure it didn’t go off when someone walked by.

“I had James spy on her to make sure it worked. The plan was that if the box failed, he’d call her out of her office before she found it, and reset it for me,” he said.

Hoping to keep his identity a secret, Michael created an email account under an alias so Ellen could get help if she had questions about her awesome box.

Documentation for Ellen's Wonder Woman Theme Player

But his anonymity was short-lived.

“I’m not sure exactly how she found out it was me, but I got an email from her minutes after she arrived at work,” he said.

Perhaps Michael forgot Wonder Woman’s ultimate superpower.

“No one can resist the golden lasso. It binds all who are encircled and compels them to tell… the truth!”

Now I know you wanna hear the Wonder Woman theme!

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