World Premiere Video: Wabby Wabbo by Cray-Z

Crazy Dave is a talented dude. He started his own highly successful shop — Crazy Dave’s Twiddydinkies — from the back of his car, effectively protected his brainz from the zombies by wearing a pot on his head and is a pioneer in the morticulture business.

Among his many talents, Crazy Dave is also an awesome musician — a rapper to be exact. Ded Jam Records recently discovered his hidden talent and immediately signed him to their record label. He’s been in the studio for the past few months working on his debut single, Wabby Wabbo.

Remember the bling t-shirt we showed you in Monday’s post? Well, it was a little preview of what to expect in Cray-Z’s first music video. We are excited to present you with the premiere of Cray-Z’s debut single, Wabby Wabbo. Enjoy!

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