Old News: Passport to Fun!

Have you ever known a guy with a really cool house?  At the housewarming, he gives everyone the tour, so you know where every door leads and which window is the best for checking out sunset on the lake.  A couple of years down the line, he’s remodeled.  He invited you over to see the new wing at the time, but you couldn’t make it, and then when you next visit, he shrugs and says, “Well, I’m sure you’ll find your way around.”

Based on a lot of the questions we get in Customer Support, I’ve begun to think we might be slacking off on showing our friends around our nifty home—by which I mean to say, homepage.

With that purpose, I’m starting a new column called “Old News,” to take our fair BlogRiders on a tour and show you what’s behind doors you may not have noticed.  Today’s topic is:

PopCap Passport, the free discount and goodies program!

Frequently asked question #1:

How can I get a list of all the games I’ve ordered in the past?

Check out the orange tab that reads “My Orders.”  When you sign into your Passport account, that tab will take you to a full list of all the orders you’ve placed under your current email address.  If you’ve used a number of different email addresses in the past, no problem!  Just contact Customer Support and ask us to move all your past orders over to your new email address.

Frequently asked question #2:

Do you have a discount program I can sign up for?

Why yes we do!  When you create your free Passport account, you automatically start off with a 10% discount.  When you make at least 2 purchases per calendar year, you maintain a 20% discount on everything!

Air Bjorn fun fact: unicorns don't use jet fuel but pure magic to fly their planes. But they still feel a tiny bit self-conscious when they see a pegasus glide by.

Frequently asked questions #3 & 4:

Where can I get a copy of the Bejeweled 3 Strategy Guide?

Hey, have you ever thought about making Plants vs. Zombies party invitations?

Not only have we thought about it, we thunk it straight into existence!

The free gifts available on the My Offers tab may change at any time, but currently, they include two of our most commonly requested downloads!

This concludes our brief tour of the Passport wing on PopCap.com.  Please keep your hands and feet inside the BlogRide until it comes to a full and complete stop, then head on up to the top-right corner of the main page and click on Join Passport to check it out!

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