Monday mornings are almost universally recognized as useless. Take today, for example: I planned to write this blog post much earlier. But instead of actually writing it and hitting that fancy little “Publish” button, I navigated a sea of email, laughed at my coworkers (you think I meant to say “laughed with”?), and spent an hour looking for Philip after he went a little nuts last week manning the blog all by himself.

Then, after all that, I finally get our T-shirt model here for a quick photo shoot and, well… he was a bit difficult to direct. It was like he was dead or something, but still stylish.

We got one good picture, and here it is:

Zombie is wearing fabulous sunglasses and a T-shirt that's to die for.

“What’s the t-shirt?” you ask.

“This old thing?” we reply. It’s just a little tribute to a brand-new Plants vs. Zombies video — a pretty awesome video that you’ll get to see in just a couple days. So stay tuned!

Here’s a close-up of the t-shirt:

Zombie medallion, yo.

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