An Epic Yarn

It’s Day 2 of Jeff Green Watch here at Blog Ride. And for those of you following along, he’s still not here. None of the other Blog Riders are here either which is starting to give me a complex. Are they all on Jeff’s yacht for the week and I didn’t get the invitation? Woe is I.

Nothing to do then but write a new post for today. And because it is an undeniable fact that Jeff Green hates anything cute (hugs, bunnies, unicorns frolicking — mean as a snake, he is) I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a fan-made creation guaranteed to make you go “SQUEE!”

The Needle Master (I have no idea what you call someone who is really good at knitting) over at the hilariously named YarnyDoom took up a “Nerd Wars” challenge on the knitting website Her goal was to knit the day level from Plants vs. Zombies. And she did! And it’s amazing. And to someone like me who cries out of frustration if a button comes off a shirt (and continues to not understand the difference between knitting and sewing), this level of skill and commitment is strange and wonderful.

Here are just a few examples of her achievement which makes you think that maybe when the end comes, it will be not with a bang but a snuggle.

You can check out the whole thing over at I even spotted a Tardis and a couple of Stormtroopers so be ready to have all of your nerd-buttons pushed. Hard.

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