Bald and Beautiful

Lisa runs our legal department and is an essential member of the PopCap family. She was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, and when she started losing her hair due to chemo treatments, a group of fellow PopCappers decided to show their support by having their heads shaved right alongside her.

We called in Rebekah from Vain Salon to help out, and six brave souls, including Lisa, took it all off.

Ellen giving up her blue locks.

We expect the now hairless bunch to celebrate their new look by sporting a variety of hats and wigs around the office.

Co-workers who kept their hair showed their support by donating several thousand dollars to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. And we’re happy to say Lisa is doing very well!

Lisa and her kids.

Lisa, Abigail, Rebekah, Pamela, Ellen, Darren and Kaya

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