PAX is here! And so is our big party! Yay!

If  you’re looking for a good scientific explanation of last week’s earthquake on the East Coast of the U.S., consider this: the seismic shift might just have been caused by the overwhelming mass of gamers and nerds of all stripes hopping on planes and descending upon Seattle this weekend for PAX, thus upsetting the country’s balance. And we here at PopCap couldn’t be happier about that, because of all the gaming conventions each year, PAX — the Penny Arcade Expo — has quickly become our favorite.

PAX 101 

If you don’t know what PAX is, it’s now the largest gaming convention in the country, put on by the guys who do the wonderful Penny Arcade webcomic  ( and the Child’s Play charity event, which raises money for children’s hospitals.  There are now two PAXes: PAX Prime in Seattle (August-Sept), and PAX East in Boston (March-April).  At PAX East this past March, 69,500 people were in attendance.  All gaming culture is represented — video games, card games, board games, etc, plus various and sundry other geek culture/activities.  The key difference between this event and E3  is that this is a fan-based convention — not for the retailers, buyers, media and others in the game industry, though of course we industry types are there too.

If you’d like to learn more,  here is the website for the convention:


PopCap does not have a dedicated space at the show, but we will be present, so we encourage you to find us and say hi! How will you find us if we don’t have a booth? Well, we shouldn’t be that hard to spot:  We have a group of Zombie dancers who will be roaming the convention hall and busting out into a disco dancing routine about 4 times an hour, in addition to handing out some truly seizure-inducing Plants vs. Zombies-branded blinking sunglasses, as seen in this photo with a professional sunglasses model:

This model charged us $500 an hour for this photo shoot.

These glasses have three different settings of blinkyness (including off) and are definitely poised to be the talk of the fashion world this coming year. If style is important to you, then you already know you want a pair! But if high fashion is perhaps not your thing, we’ll also be handing out our always popular “I’d rather be eating brains” bumper stickers, which any self-respecting undead motorist should consider a must-have for their vehicle.


As if all of this wasn’t exciting enough (and we’re practically shaking as we type all this!) PopCap will be winding down the convention in grandiose fashion with a big party for all PAX attendees on Sunday afternoon.

Here are the details:

Who: All PAX attendees — badge needed for entry

Where: Hard Rock Cafe on 1st & Pike in Seattle, WA

When: Sunday, August 28th from 2-5 PM

We will be a hosting a live Bejeweled Blitz tournament (actually, three of them), in which attendees will have 1/2 hour to post their best score on our leaderboard, with the winner to receive a brand spankin’ new iPad 2. In addition, just by showing up at the party, everyone will receive this sweet new collection of Zombie disco magnets, which, frankly, might even be better than a free iPad 2. Just look at these things:

Stayin' Undead

Here’s a link to the Facebook event we created for the party, if you’d like to learn more. We hope to see you all there, and have a happy PAX!

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