3 Things on My Desk, with Leah

Hello again and welcome to another installment of 3 Things on My Desk. Today we pay a visit to one of our Culture Liaisons, Leah C. Or, if “Culture Liaison” is too fancy-pants for you, she is one of the superstars on TEAM AWESOME! whose job is making sure that PopCap is always a great place to work. Party planner, cheerleader, den mother and so much more, here’s Leah with her 3 Things:


Keys to the Kingdom

The first thing on my desk is my key chain. When you see the keys it has on it, the natural assumption would be that they grant me access to a plethora of restricted areas with unique functions, but the truth is that they all gain entry to rooms full of PopCap’s most sought after treasure… swag! It seems a significant portion of my job is to ration out the multitude of games, t-shirts, fuzzy toys and other random treats that no one seems to be able to get enough of.

The Y.E.T.I.

Handing out these goodies to everyone and seeing them react with pure glee should really be reward enough, but a group of fantastic PopCappers decided that there should be a program where employees can reward fellow employees for going above and beyond, such as doing a deed that has a beneficial effect on morale. Enter the Y.E.T.I.! The Y.E.T.I (You Earned This, Indubitably!) program is a great way for employees to acknowledge one another’s achievements by giving an award. I am a proud recipient, but take greater pleasure in being involved in the process of creating the program to honor others. Seeing the award on my desk each day reminds me just how much we all care about each other here at PopCap, and brings a smile to my face. (Editor’s note: Leah’s Y.E.T.I. came with “a modern tiara for a modern princess.”)

Medals of Honor

Speaking of awards, and fellow employees, for two years in a row I have been a part of a gold medal showing in Rock Band Contest, one of the many PopCap Olympic events. What a great chance for everyone to shake off the dreary winter blues by getting paid to play games and kick ass. I must say I am “hungry like a wolf” for next season, and hope to be “motoring” to another victory.


Thanks, Leah!

Come back soon, gentle reader, for another peek behind the curtain at PopCap!

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