Planking Zombie

Last month, we received this request on our Plants vs. Zombies Facebook page:

Our human brains thought, “Wow, this might be a fun idea.” If our Zombie can dance, play ping-pong and trick-or-treat, he must be able to plank.

Look, Zombie's as tall as the Space Needle!

So we approached the Zombie and showed him this fan’s proposition. There’s a misconception that zombies are scary (maybe this has something to do with their appetite for brains?), but our Zombie is really a softie at heart. Being the people-pleaser that he is, Zombie thought, “Argghh… planking… not sure what it is… why not?”

Thought about planking on top of the Space Needle... but settled for this instead.

First, we had to explain to Zombie what exactly the phenomenon of planking is: a trend where people go to random, unusual or somewhat dangerous locations and lie in a face-down position. Zombie’s response? “Only humans would come up with this idea.”

Strange idea or not, Zombie does not like to disappoint. To ensure that he would not be made fun of by doing such a foreign human activity, he invited Sunflower to join him.

Zombie planking better than Sunflower, no?

Very advanced planking.

Better than planking, "thinking".

At the end of their planking-filled day, Zombie and Sunflower decided that participating in human activities was not so bad after all. Have any more suggestions for Zombie? Let us know in the comments, he just might consider them.

"Here Forever" -- xoxo Zombie & Sunflower


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