Rocket-Fueled Summer Fun!

This weekend, PopCap took over the Family Fun Center for our Summer Picnic.  And if your first thought is, “Hey, wait, PopCap can’t possibly have anything as simple as a Summer Picnic,” you’re not wrong.  You see, “Summer Picnic” is the generic term; the event was actually called:

That's right, the party was so hot it ran on rocket fuel. I don't know what that means either, but it does sound impressive!

In Seattle, the food truck phenomenon has really taken off (almost as if it, too, ran on rocket fuel!), and it was just too hard for the party planning team to decide which of the local travelling gourmets should cater the event… so we brought three of the best, and called it the Truck Off!

Skillet, Marination Mobile, & Where Ya At Matt go tire-to-tire in a pageant for the palate!

Each of the three trucks brought their gourmet game, and after sampling the delicious sliders, mini-tacos, beignets and more, we all voted for our favorite truck to come back and feed us at the next big event.  The competition was fierce, but Marination Mobile won the day with their sweet Spam sliders.

In between food tastings, we also got to enjoy the arcade/amusement park activities.

After a thorough soaking in the bumper boat pool...

...a spin round the Go Kart track was the perfect way to dry off!

Note the rather extreme backswing...

...yep, winged that one straight into the water hazard.

Watch out #4, he's coming for you, and he looks serious!

The PopCap Summer Picnic, no matter what we call it, is always a fun day in the sun. We spent a few hours zooming around the race track, soaking each other with water guns, flying through the air like human slingshots, reveling in the powdered-sugar-coated goodness of warm beignets, and above all, laughing at and with each other.

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