We’re Off to the Zoo!

Last week over 30 folks from PopCap’s Studio and Creative Lab boarded a chartered bus and took an  excursion to Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo. Equipped with pencils, pens and sketch pads, we were ready for a day of sketching and good times.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words — and let’s face it, you’d rather see our pictures and I’m not paid by the word anyway — here are some photos of our zoo day. Check out our artists’ awesome sketches too.

As we soon discover, not all the animals are kept inside the exhibits.

Is it lunchtime already? Cool!

Ahhh... a mid-day nap. Paradise!

After lunch, we spread out across the zoo like a group of oversized day campers...

in search of animals wherever we go...

...even inside an African schoolhouse.

The jaguar slept through most of our visit... (Art: Rick Schmitz)

while this elephant made an excellent model. (Art: Misael Armendariz)

Yes, Virginia, there are giraffes in Seattle! (Art: Rick Schmitz)

Dart frogs look pretty. But don't get too close. (Art: Misael Armendariz)

Hmm... petting the porcupine is off-limits...

...but this dinosaur looks friendly, right? (Has anyone seen Yvette since Tuesday?)

Animals also appeared in unusual poses. (Art: Monte Michaelis)

The animal kingdom is bigger than we ever knew. (Art: Monte Michaelis)

We're not sure what happened here. (Art: Monte Michaelis)

Beware. This is what happens when you let writers draw. (Art: Philip Smith)

After a long but fun day, it was time to return back to the office. Hats off to Team Awesome for organizing our fabulous field trip!

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