PopCap Fashion: Who Wore It Better?

You may not think that fashion is a matter of particular importance at a video game company, but I think you’d be surprised blog readers. Here at PopCap, not only do we make awesome video games, but I daresay we make awesome fashion choices as well.

Most workplaces have some sort of dress code. That’s not to say we don’t have an appropriate code of conduct (hi HR!), but ours is much more relaxed. Without the limitations of a designated set of “work clothes,” we’re free to be more creative with our clothing choices.

When this creativity is stifled… well just look at what happened when we tried to be like everybody else:

Our version of the corporate Casual Friday -- Formal Friday.

That’s the purpose of this column, to display PopCap’s unique fashion choices. And we wanted to have a little fun with it as well, so we thought we’d get your input on what people are wearing.

Thus… we present you with our first installment of “Who Wore it Better?” Tell us readers: who wore this spectacular outfit of a navy, 100% cotton, dressed up but not too dressed up, classic polo shirt better?

Two extremely stylish men

Blue Shirt PopCapper #1: Our resident SEO/SEM knowledge base

Blue Shirt PopCapper #2: Analytics Master & Man behind PopCap.com

Who Wore it Better?

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