Wonder Woman Lives!

One of my favorite offices here at PopCap belongs to Ellen Marett, our Senior Director of Global Workforce Culture and Environment. Now, for the uninitiated, let me just clarify a few things. One, that’s her actual job title. Two, we really do have folks around the world devoted to our culture. And three, they prefer to be called “Team Awesome”, which is just fine with me.

Ellen Marett, fearless leader of Team Awesome, has been here since 2005.

Anyway, I love visiting Ellen’s office. Honestly, I wish I had more excuses to stop by. But then it might annoy her. It also might look like I’m not really working. Which might not go over well. So instead I decided to write about her office, which gave me a perfect excuse to visit and take lots of pictures. Yeah!

Despite her fancy-shmancy title, Ellen’s office looks nothing like, say, a senior executive’s office. For one thing, she’s got way more toys. Think more along the lines of your coolest high school teacher. Now multiply that. By 1,000.

Here’s Ellen hard at work. At least, I think she’s working hard.

Her office reflects the true spirit of PopCap. Express your true self. Embrace your quirkiness. Be fearless. And have fun.

You can even peek through a real porthole!

One of my favorite things is this porthole. It came from from our original game room when we expanded our Seattle office and leased two other floors. Ellen called dibs on the porthole and got it. By the time construction was completed, we needed more space so we took back our old floor and then some. Ellen kept the porthole.

What's up with Wonder Woman? “I was one of the first women hired at PopCap so I had to bring in the girl superpowers!”

Step inside Ellen’s office and you’ve entered an alternate universe where Wonder Woman rules. There’s a life-size cutout along with posters, action figures still in their packaging and tons more wonder-ful stuff. It’s an obsession that Ellen says started in childhood.

A classic issue — and it’s autographed. Thank you, Ms. Steinem!

“Two pieces of reading material formed a lot of who I am: Ms. Magazine and Wonder Woman comics. Those, plus Winnie the Pooh and my family, are responsible for my perspective on a lot of things.”

How many people get stripes for a wedding present?

The striped walls were a wedding gift from the painters who worked on PopCap’s offices. “They just couldn’t imagine me in a plain white office. I needed color to suit my personality!” To date, this is the only office with striped walls.

Noni, PopCap’s Chief of Security, has her own door

Like all our senior execs, Ellen has an open door policy when she’s in the office. Even Noni, PopCap’s Top Dog and a frequent visitor, had her own door installed. Of course, Noni also has her own bed. I’m still workin’ on that…

Thanks, Ellen, for letting me stop by and show off your place! I guess I have to get back to work now.

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