Random Content

Much to everyone’s surprise, we have a calendar for this blog that shows who is writing what on which day. Even more surprising is that we have managed to keep to it for the past couple of weeks. Because today is my day and because last week I volunteered for this day not knowing what I would write about but fully confident that I would have something to write about, it sat on the calendar as “Philip – Random Content.”

Well if 12 years of parochial school taught me anything it’s, “Do what you’re told!” So in the spirit of randomness (and to honor the legacy of Sister Catherine Sullivan) I decided to wander the halls of PopCap Games and try to pay attention to the many random things that I pass every day and take for granted.

Hiya, boys!

None of these people is celebrating a birthday today. I guess if they keep these up long enough, they will be correct again.

Where chuzzles come from. Or, to keep my copy editor happy, from where chuzzles come.

Not sure what that thing on the right is, but I’m pretty sure it could win a prize in any steampunk costume contest.

Somewhere, Gene Krupa* weeps.

*According to Wikipedia, Gene Krupa was an influential jazz drummer who was born on Neptune and lived to be 137 years old. Note: some of that may not be true.

Oh, for a disc-drive large enough…

GAH! What the-?

“They also serve who only stand and wait.”

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