Mission Accomplished!

There are lots of things I love about working at PopCap. For one, I get to hang out with an amazing bunch of people (even you, Joey, although your music still makes me crazy). I know there are lots of incredible people around the world doing important work — teaching kids, saving lives, making the world a better, cleaner, hopefully more peaceful place. And I, for one, am truly grateful for all you do.

At PopCap, we just like making people happy by creating great games.

To me, that’s a pretty sweet mission. And there’s no better example than the folks in our studio who recently helped transform 10-year-old Owain Weinert’s idea for a video game into a reality.

Owain was referred to us by the Make-A-Wish Foundation last spring during our semi-annual PopCamp week. For those of you who missed it, you can read the story about Owain and his game, Allied Star Police, on our website.

Well, Allied Star Police launched last month on the Apple App store and quickly earned a 5-star rating. To date over 900 people have posted reviews. Here’s just a sample:

“Truly a great game”

“I can’t stop playing!”

“This is a must-have application for gamers on the iPad!”

Owain’s game has received lots of well-deserved attention from the press too, both here and abroad. We also we got a very nice plaque from the Make-A-Wish foundation thanking us for our work.

But for the team that worked on Allied Star Police the real reward was making one kid happy. Plain and simple: they did it for Owain. As one producer said, “When Owain came to PopCap’s offices he was completely focused and in the moment. Everything else — pain, medical stuff he was going through, whatever — it just disappeared when he played his game.”

Pretty awesome, right?

So thank you, to the producers, artists, QA testers, and all the other behind-the-scenes folks (you know who you are) that helped make Owain’s wish come true. You’re why I’m proud to say I work at PopCap.

(And if you still haven’t downloaded the game what are you waiting for? It’s fun and it’s FREE!)

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