Two PopCap Games Up for Golden Joystick Awards!

So, normally, in theory, we don’t put a whole lot of stock into awards. I mean, of course we like being nominated for them, and we like winning them even more. Don’t get us wrong there. But, really, I could fill about 10 blog posts here with rants of all the stuff over time that was never nominated or never won awards.

For example, here is a short list of movies that did not win the Academy Award for Best Picture:

Citizen Kane
2001: A Space Odyssey
Raging Bull
Pulp Fiction
Some Like it Hot
Apocalypse Now

The apes from 2001 react upon hearing that Oliver! won the Best Picture Oscar in 1968.

See, I could do this all day. And of course the classic example, which will forever stand as the all-time argument as to Why Awards Don’t Matter is that the The Wire, the best drama ever on TV (don’t even try to argue with me), never won one single Emmy in its entire, brilliant 5-season run, and in fact was only even nominated twice.

And don’t even get me started on the Grammys.

Now having said all this, I did want to alert you to the fact that WE ARE VERY EXCITED THAT WE HAVE BEEN NOMINATED FOR A COUPLE AWARDS AND WE HOPE WE WIN THEM! The nominations in question, in fact, are with one of the most prestigious and meaningful in the video game industry: The GameMaster Golden Joystick Awards, which have been around since the Stone Age of video gaming (1982), and which are meaningful precisely because, unlike the award shows I ragged on above, these are decided entirely by people like you–not stuffy old committees of “experts.”

PopCap has two games nominated for Golden Joystick awards in the category of Best Free-to-Play Game: Zuma Blitz and Bejeweled 3. Now of course we’re far too nice and humble to actually tell you to go vote for us. That would be a bit mercenary of us, and also kind of tacky. We don’t want to go all Melissa Leo on you here. On the other hand, it wouldn’t suck to win, either. And, when you think about it, our games are pretty awesome. I mean, objectively speaking. So it’s not like it’d be wrong if we won, either. Think about that. You don’t want one of our games to be talked about mournfully on some blog post 60 years from now, like Citizen Kane.

But, hey, it’s on you. Vote how you feel, not how we’re telling you to. Because we’re not. We’d never do that. But, if we were (which we aren’t), we’d tell you to go here to do it!

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