Volunteer Days

During my first summer at PopCap about five years ago, a bunch of us skipped our regular office day to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. Alongside a bunch of fellow lazy nerds, I spent the entire day lugging cinder blocks and rocks across a construction site. And at the end of the day, I realized just how lucky we are at PopCap that the heaviest thing we have to carry is our paper-mache Zombie head.

After our aches and pains subsided, we all agreed the volunteer day was a hit. And we’ve held volunteer days a few times per year ever since.

Just last week, PopCap held its latest volunteer activities. Groups of employees devoted a day to work for three different organizations here in Seattle.

Outdoors for All gives people with disabilities a chance to experience outdoor activities. We teamed up with the Seattle Department of Services for the Blind to help people with visual impairments experience kayaking in the Puget Sound.

Not even summer in Seattle could stop them.

We should've made sure our volunteers knew how to steer a kayak before we left shore.

Spring Into Bed creates community gardens, promoting healthy eating and local growing. We helped maintain some of the gardens and got to test out our allergy medications.

Couldn't find a picture of them actually working.

See what I mean?

Camp Korey runs a summer camp for kids with serious and life-threatening illnesses. Our team of volunteers helped weed their pumpkin patch and clean the campground to prepare for the next group of campers.

We think she got all the weeds and none of the pumpkins.

PopCap’s volunteer days are hard work. But, like everything we do, we have fun. And afterwards, when our noodle arms feel extra-noodley, we all feel proud of what we’ve accomplished. Most of the time at PopCap, our focus is on making life fun. But once in a while, it’s fun to be part of a cause that truly improves people’s lives.

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