3 Things on My Desk

Hello and welcome to our new feature, “3 Things on My Desk.” This is a chance for all of our blog readers (both of you!) to go behind the scenes here and meet a few of the people that make PopCap Games such a fun, unusual and generally cool place to work. Whether things end up on a desk by design, inertia or attrition, we think you can tell a lot about a person by what they keep around.

First up is one of our resident video dudes, Joey Trimmer. I’m pretty sure he has an actual job title, but I suspect even he would describe himself as “video dude.” Here are his “3 Things” in his own words.

Blitzwing – Decepticon Transformer

Blitzwing is an original transformer from my childhood that represents how important my nostalgia is to me and how it always influences my work. It’s also one of the few toys that lasted through my moves from college and eventually out of state from CA to WA (rest in peace Ninja Turtles, Thundercats and He-Man, you’ll never be forgotten). This particular Decepticon is a triple changer that transforms from evil robot form to a tank to a jet fighter. Hecka bad!

Bell & Howell Super 8 Camera

Speaking of nostalgia, I found my old super 8 camera with 2 cartridges of now obsolete Kodachrome film. I had aspirations of being a filmmaker early on in life but, sadly, never had the chance to splice actual film. I went into digital filmmaking right away in my career but plan on making a super 8 short movie if I can find the right story and the right place to process my film! I will entertain your film pitches now.

TRIMMER – Halloween Costume

Obviously, movies are a big deal for me and I wanted to showcase that in last year’s Halloween costume contest for PopCap. I turned myself into a live action movie hero poster for a movie titled “TRIMMER”. I designed a 3 x 4 foot movie poster, strapped it to my back with bandoliers filled with dummy bullets, dirtied my scruffy face up and equipped myself with a very heavy, but harmless, grenade.  I’m proud to say I won first place after a heated dance off with a diminutive Edward Scissorhands portrayed by the lovely Leah Clarin. Victory is mine!


Thanks, Joey! And thank you, gentle reader, for stopping by.

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