Casually Connecting

Last week the Casual Games Association held its annual Casual Connect here in our hometown and… you are there! Okay, we were there but we thought we’d tell you about it.

Besides a dynamite presentation by our own Dave Roberts (10 Things I Hate About Casual Gaming) and an appearance by Mr. Reading Rainbow himself, Levar Burton, PopCap hosted a shindig for many of the gaming luminaries in attendance from all over the globe.

Pictured l. to r. we have no idea, but we think the sun came out that day which was totally freaky.

There was lots of food;

Ooh! Stuff wrapped in a thing. A local delicacy.

a few people who may or may not have had any reason to be at the party;

I’m not saying they don’t work here…

and lots of high level conversations about the no-doubt very important issues facing the industry.

EA’s VP & Head of Global Sales and Marketing Bernard Kim (left) and PopCap Games’ co-founder and VP of Corporate Development John Vechey (right), moments before their break-dancing battle broke out. (No idea who that guy in the middle is).

A good time was had by all despite the presence of that Jeff Green guy (at right, below) who spent the entire evening trying to insinuate himself into everybody else’s photos.

Photo bomb!

Some people… sheesh.

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