Pig Up! Is! Here!

Wait, what? PopCap has a new game? Out now?  Why, I guess we do!

Our brand new Facebook game, Pig Up, is officially online and playable right here, right now! Yay!

I won’t drone on and on about how to play the game here, since, really, you should have just clicked the link above and been playing it already, rather than reading this drivel. But I will tell you the significance of this game to PopCap, which is this: This is our first new IP (“intellectual property”) that we’ve put out there since Plants vs. Zombies. So, kind of a big deal! (One could argue, I suppose, that Unpleasant Horse, on our 4th & Battery label, is also new IP, but that horse never gets any respect, which may be one reason why he’s so dang unpleasant.)

In any event, Pig Up tasks you with the very important mission of launching a living, pre-bacon porcine creature into the air and then keeping him in the air, via a convenient set of wooden flaps, attached to the pig’s arms, that he uses for wings.  It’s not as easy as it sounds, and, of course there are enemies to fend off, as well as your friends’ high scores to beat, so the only real thing you can do is to just keep hitting Play Again, far beyond the point of reason or responsibility, until not only your family and friends are mad at you, but maybe even to the point of getting a warning from your boss admonishing you that even one more game of Pig Up is going to land you an official letter of reprimand and possible immediate termination. It is not until that has happened that we here at PopCap will be satisfied that you have played it enough. And just think, if you get fired, then you can just play that much more Pig Up.  See? We’re just here to look out for you.

So, really, just stop reading this now. Go play Pig Up. It will not only make you feel better about yourself, but it will quite literally make the world a better place. Okay, maybe not “quite literally.”  Maybe not figuratively either.  In fact, come to think of it, there are much more constructive things you should probably be doing instead.  I mean, let’s be honest for a second.  But, really, what would you rather be doing? Helping your spouse wash the dishes, or finishing that really boring PowerPoint presentation — or helping a pig fly through the air?

I rest my case.


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