YETI we can!

One of the coolest parts of life at PopCap is a little group called Team Awesome — their job, in a nutshell, is to make people happy at work. True to form, they recently created a program that allows any employee to reward a co-worker for doing a great job on a specific project, for going out of their way to help with something, or even for sharing their sandwich after the Lunch Bully stole their food.

Yeti Awards

It’s called the YETI Awards (YETI stands for You Earned This, Indubitably), and it’s probably the best idea since PopCap’s Blog Ride. Simply fill out a form to nominate a co-worker for a gift of your choice, and once it’s approved, the YETI Patrol swoops in to deliver.

The gifts can cover lots of things — from t-shirts and chocolates to free dining at a fancy restaurant or baseball tickets. These acts of generosity are really only limited by our imaginations (well, there is a spending limit). Buying each other yachts is out of the question, but a boat trip is totally doable. The jury is still out on whether or not you can give someone a Rare Patagonian Boxing Ostrich, or a seat in Congress.

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